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Backsplash Installation, Boynton Beach Countertop Installers

Unlike other companies in the industry, our professionals at Boynton Beach Countertop Installers are willing to work in all areas and features for your space, especially your kitchens and bathrooms. As a result, you can get more elements done besides countertops when you reach out to our team and work with us to make every detail possible. This is doable since we have included multiple professionals in our team over the years who have allowed us to expand services and have the whole features and elements covered. Backsplash installers are among the most requested ones, and we are confident you will find them more than useful.

Just like countertops, backsplashes play important roles in keeping your kitchen clean and facilitating the way you can have some designs and aesthetics on point. The way we are able to work with you on the best designs is by considering the countertops and colors you have. When needed, we can combine your backsplashes with the countertops you choose or work on some tiles and specific preferences you have.

There are multiple options and styles available for backsplashes alone, so we are confident you will find variety and the best options for your space when you take the time to look at the catalog and the options available with us.

What happens when you have already come up with an idea and option in mind? Then, we start working around it. However, backsplashes, just like any other option and project, depend a lot on budget, durability, and longevity. Everything needs to be balanced, and it cannot be about aesthetics and what you like only.

Take the time to work on quality that is functional for your space and have our team provide options that adapt better to your needs and all the factors that influence the decision.

What Options Do Our Backsplash Installers Offer?

Natural stones and tiles will always be the best options for backsplashes due to their complete balance:

  • You find durable and long-lasting pieces.
  • It is possible to get a specific color and design that combines with the rest of the space.
  • They are robust and always follow some pros and cons you can work around.
  • You can create entire slabs or use them based on tiles and specific pieces.

The most common options out of the two are tiles due to how water-resistant and affordable they are. You can find multiple options and a wide variety of designs and styles. However, you may want to consider what they are made of so that you know the colors will match and they won’t crack easily.

Natural stones are just as used for the simple fact of how people have them for countertops. This way, they can combine all the styles and follow a specific trend around the pieces they have and complement the whole space.

Our backsplash installers recommend focusing on tiles and natural stones the most since they bring quality, durability, aesthetics, and affordability as you work on the variables.

However, when you are looking for different approaches, you may want to give metal and laminate backsplashes a try. They are durable, and with the right installers, you can have beautiful aesthetics around turquoise tones and gradients, while the laminate option offers more around the natural part and more of an imitation. Contrary to popular belief, they are both waterproof, so all liquids and use won’t be issues.

Finally, glass can be stunning and ensure you have the whole space more open and brighter while keeping a surface that is very easy to clean and maintain.

How Much Do Our Backsplash Installers Charge?

The best part about undergoing backsplash installation is that you don’t have to spend a fortune, and you can do it when you are ready to move on with this change.

At Boynton Beach Countertop Installers, we will happily work with you around a budget and find the most affordable yet durable and stunning options following your standards. Our team is always available to work around a free consultation and estimate for you so that you can take your time in making a decision.

Overall, people spend from $750 to $1.100 on an entire installation. This is mostly for medium size kitchens where the walls need to be completely covered. Considering that the average per square foot is $20, it is quite doable.

We will do our best to find a proper balance around aesthetics, durability, and quality. Therefore, take the time to work with us and all our backsplash installers to get the most out of the project.