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Stone Installers, Boynton Beach Countertop Installers

When you have many options around materials and what you can do for your space, you start seeing the problems around decision-making. For instance, you don’t know what would look better, what will last longer, and what you should be choosing to get the most out of your investment. This is why hiring countertop installers is never a bad idea. You get support, have the chance to work around preferences, and quality is never overshadowed in all this. At Boynton Beach Countertop Installers, we have amazing and experienced stone installers who can guide you through your countertop selection and the way your installation can be done perfectly.

But do you actually have that many options when choosing stones for countertops? You do. While people only know or focus on the popular ones, we are here to let you know that you can opt for many more that will be equally durable and stunning. While they may be less popular, this doesn’t mean they are all bad by themselves.

The usual stones you hear about include granite, quartzite, marble, and slate. They are stunning and come in many colors and patterns.

Granite is known for its many dark tones, and how you can find great options in medium and high-grade granite without having to spend a fortune. Meanwhile, marble is more about the white colors and veining, which comes in many subtypes and variables, such as Arabescato. As for quartzite, it is probably the most used by homeowners nowadays due to its durability and how it is non-porous when compared to marble and granite, making it more durable and low-key.

Finally, slate is the least well-known among them, but it promises durability and quality as you get a clear approach to design and the benefits of the design and properties.

But What Do Our Stone Installers Recommend?

We will always say this: We truly think people focus on what they like, consider good, and want to be based on preferences and designs.

Once you have a good concept of what you are looking for, you are able to work more on quality and designs. Our role in this is making sure you have a good balance and don’t have to worry about the way your countertops are expensive but aesthetically pleasing, ugly but durable, or maybe long-lasting but not properly installed.

We will go through your list of preferences, goals, and what you wish for your space. Once done, we will start inquiring about your preferences, goals, and the way you want the countertops done. This way, we know what you are expecting overall and work on a good recommendation.

Now, if you ask us about recommendations based on quality and aesthetics, we have more of an overwhelming list that can make some people question their current selections. However, we think it is worth considering every option.

  1. Granite is indeed an option to go for due to how durable and stunning it is. While it is a porous surface, it offers more benefits and options in the overall aspect it, which allows you to choose the design you want, focus on durability, and find alternatives that don’t cost a fortune.
  2. Marble is the next recommendation, but it comes with a similar consideration to marble due to its porosity. Moreover, you want to make sure you are willing to go over the high maintenance this stone represents.
  3. Quartzite is more durable, and it offers great durability and design without all the porosity.
  4. Limestone, soapstone, and slate enter the category around quality, affordability, and benefits for beauty and durability.

Get Access to Our Stone Installers

Our team at Boynton Beach Countertop Installers is available all year round to work with you and ensure you have a good approach and goal. We will consider your preferences, ideas, and what you would like for your space. This way, our stone installers can offer proper insight and ensure your decision isn’t something you will regret.

In order to guide you well through this process, we will go over all pros and cons of the stones you are interested in or the ones we can recommend for your project. Then worry about your budget and see what you can get done in your kitchen or bathroom, working on a design that is worth it.

Rest assured that we care about you and what is needed. Therefore, our stone installers will focus on finding balance around costs, needs, and the entire elements you want to cover through your project.