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Marble Installers, Boynton Beach Countertop Installers

People usually lose themselves in the idea of having marble countertops and how stunning they are. However, they forget that things should be more about durability and performance than aesthetics. Marble is amazing, but not for all situations. Our marble installers at Boynton Beach Countertop Installers can help you determine when you should bet on it or if it would be better to move on in life with another stone and material. This way, you don’t end up spending more and can actually enjoy countertops in the short- and long-term with great performance and fulfilling all your needs and usages.

Our marble installers have been in the industry for over two decades, and they have made sure to work around quality, preferences, and budget. While we know people come looking for marble and understand this is quite pricey, we do our best to get the best deals in the market without compromising quality.

However, what you should care about the most is how our professionals can work with you on full design and installation. We will help you decide what is the best option when working with countertops. If marble is doable, we let you know. In case it isn’t the best option, yet it is what you want and need, we will do our best to work with you and make it happen while bringing guidelines and advice on what you should do to make the countertops last through it all.

Additionally, we bring repairs and maintenance when needed and ensure that your marble is stunning all year round while making sure it lasts and performs well in the kitchen, bathroom, or any other space where you wish to install those countertops.

What Makes Marble Countertops So Good—and Bad?

While we would love to say that some elements are unique and marble is one of those that won’t disappoint, you truly need to worry about the quality and how marble isn’t good in all places.

First, marble countertops are quite porous, which makes them stain easily with acids or some liquids. These stains cannot be removed, and it will involve replacing the entire slab or piece, depending on how your marble countertops were installed.

Second, since they are porous, this leads to another disadvantage: recurring sealing. You have to seal your marble countertops annually and make sure they are well-maintained around this to avoid stains and work on their performance.

Third, etching is a common thing as marble does scratch, and it won’t perform that well when you consider high-traffic or lots of time and extended use. This is why we don’t entirely recommend it for kitchens if you plan to prepare lots of things and keep the space occupied with many items and utensils.

Finally, marble is really expensive, which makes it not that doable for your budget or someone else’s. While it is possible to find some variables and options, this can take more time than expected.

Then, what makes marble so good when you have all those cons that aren’t really small? Well, most people let themselves be influenced by their looks. You have a wide variety of colors and patterns. While white is the common option, it comes with many options and veining depending on the specific type and brand used.

Since it is expensive and really durable in the overall picture, people always want it. This adds property value and makes your home or business worth even more than how much you spend on the countertops.

Longevity and how comfortable the countertops are can be added. As long as maintenance and sealing are provided.

How Much Do Our Marble Installers Charge?

It all depends on the space, the installation, and how much work needs to be done. Moreover, going over costs based on a standard is not really right.

Marble varies in price itself depending on the specific type and option you are going for. This is why the price per square foot goes from $40 to $120 easily, and you can have a better range in how much you wish to spend.

At Boynton Beach Countertop Installers, our professionals and marble installers can offer you guidance, consultation, and estimates. You can inquire about the marble countertop installation and see how much you would spend in your kitchen or bathroom. It can be any other space, but the idea is to approach costs based on what you are looking for and preferences.

Therefore, feel free to schedule it with us today and get all the project done with our marble installers.