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Solid Surface Countertop Installation, Boynton Beach Countertop Installers

Solid surface countertop installation is not really a common option around property owners since most people are quite invested in how they want to have natural stones or high-end pieces used. While there is nothing wrong with choosing natural stones, this comes with issues around maintenance and how some of these pieces are expensive despite not being the best in durability. At Boynton Beach Countertop Installers, our professionals can introduce you to the whole concept and idea of solid surfaces, how you benefit from them, and the way you can have a unique and durable approach through all of this.

We will list the pros and cons, see how much you get from your process, and work around your needs in countertop installation and use so you don’t worry about quality, aesthetics, and longevity. Instead, you get to make a clear decision about the pieces you want to use and why you are doing it for.

To keep things simple in case you are new to the entire concept, solid surfaces are all about costs, durability, and maintenance. You get a stunning result without having to go through massive expenses. The best part is that they don’t require high maintenance, such as sealing or frequent services from professionals.

This ensures that you don’t have to worry about continuous expenses but rather focus on what you have right now, what you get in the short and long run, and benefit from the entire piece. But where do solid surfaces come from? From engineering and synthetic making. They are not your natural stones, but the minerals and resins used to make them good in all aspects.

You have a smooth surface that can be both high-gloss or you can aim for the matte finish some homeowners prefer today.

But Should You Choose Solid Surface Countertop Installation?

It is always based on preferences, but if you are thinking about it based on aesthetics, durability, and good balance in everything a material should offer you, then yes.

Compared to natural stones, you will always lack that common and unique style from quartz, marble, granite, and many other natural pieces. However, you get much more unique designs and stone similitudes compared to laminate options that people acquire due to costs.

Laminate countertops are the common choice when people are aiming for a basic style and trying to save resources. They are also the ones used for most prefabricated pieces. The issue is that they are not that appealing, and their durability is really poor, especially for high-traffic areas and kitchens.

The benefits around solid surfaces are more based on longevity whatsoever. While you may lack in some designs and aesthetics, you can get a good balance in quality and maintenance:

  • Solid surfaces are barely porous, which makes them good whenever you are going for a place where stains and liquids are likely to happen or be spilled.
  • It is scratch-resistance, and it allows you to work in high-traffic conditions and spaces through it all.
  • Maintenance is very low, which keeps things simple over the short- and long term.
  • They are durable and hard, which ensures you don’t have to spend so much on repairs.
  • Looks are consistent, and you can find some specific designs, colors, and patterns. Some of the pieces bring custom approaches and specifications, which allow you to have a better approach compared to even some natural stones.

It is all about what you prefer, can pay for, and get to install in the short- and long run. Therefore, feel free to inquire about them and go over comparisons with our team.

How to Get Your Solid Surface Countertop Installation Done

All you require is qualified installers who understand their use and how much can be done with them.

At Boynton Beach Countertop Installers, we have been working with all homeowners and commercial property owners for over three decades. As a result, we know how to approach small- and large-scale projects that can ensure you get the most out of your process and don’t have to worry about quality and durability.

We will help you go through all the elements involving solid surface countertop installation, including how aesthetics matter in this project. Feel free to schedule a free consultation or estimate or go over all your questions and doubts with our team. This way, you don’t have to worry about compromising on a project or element since you get the details and information from us beforehand.

For further services and a clear plan, let us ask a few questions to have a clear idea of what you want.