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Natural Stone Installers, Boynton Beach Countertop Installers

When people start working on countertops and how they can choose from many stones and materials, they start to get lost. It seems like an easy task when you see kitchens, bathrooms, or other spaces with stunning designs. But you realize things are not that simple when costs, durability, and installation are all involved and balance in them is needed. At Boynton Beach Countertop Installers, we can be your supporters and professionals so that you don’t worry about all the elements and details in your project. Our natural stone installers can introduce you to a wide variety and ensure you choose a durable and stunning option.

While you have more options than natural stones when working with countertops, you will find them more functional and stunning. They come with very similar prices as other materials, and you can get the most out of them when properly chosen and installed. With us, there won’t be anything to worry about.

But where do you start with the whole selection? By simply knowing what natural stones you can choose for your countertops:

  • Granite is probably the most popular due to its dark tones and colors. It is chosen for most kitchens, and its durability is quite good despite being porous. As long as proper sealing is done annually, it can last a lifetime.
  • Marble is quite a tie in popularity with granite. The stunning colors, veining, and designs come with many benefits, and the pros and cons are similar to the previous option.
  • Quartzite is more durable in comparison, and you can expect heat resistance, stain and scratch resistance, and much more.
  • Limestones are not favorites, but quite affordable and have good aesthetics when chosen and done right, just like soapstone and slate.

Why Choose Natural Stone Countertops

This is a very valid question when you are going over the design and selection. Most people seem to forget that solid surfaces and ultra-compact options are more popular for two reasons:

  • More people actually use them due to their balance in costs and durability.
  • They require less maintenance and blend well with most kitchens and other spaces.

However, natural stones come with beauty around longevity and versatility. While each stone has its own pros and cons, you get an overall picture of how you benefit from them:

  1. You can find many styles for any of them. Colors, patterns, veining, and the way they are made make them unique. No piece is the same, and you can expect a unique and stunning design for your countertops, regardless of the selection.
  2. Their durability is unmatched. While they all work around pros and cons with heat, scratches, stains, and more, they at least offer the bare minimum for each, while they are durable and long-lasting in the overall picture.
  1. Property value is guaranteed. While this happens with marble and quartzite the most, the rest come in handy for most homeowners; depending on the natural stone used, you get more, but property value is added due to their durability and custom designs.
  2. You can work around little maintenance with most of them, except marble and granite, which require sealing, but this depends on how much you get and like the stones.

Things you should indeed consider are that prices vary, but they are often higher than other materials, and damages or repairs will cost extra while they cannot be handled without professional help. Our natural stone installers can guide you through this while you are making your decision and going over considerations.

Get Started with Our Natural Stone Installers

If you have decided to work around natural stone countertops, feel free to reach out. If you haven’t, we are here for you as well.

Our installers are available for everyone, and we will take the time to address questions, clear doubts, and ensure you are confident about the decision you are making around the design and material. This way, you know what you are getting, why, and how the whole installation gets done.

At Boynton Beach Countertop Installers, we care about all factors and variables. This includes your budget, requests, needs, and how you want and need us to support you through it all. Therefore, feel free to come to our natural stone installers today. You can call, email us or use our contact form to schedule consultations and estimates. They are free and offer all guidance needed to make a decision on whether to choose natural stone countertops or not and, if yes, how we make the installation possible.