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Commercial Countertop Installation, Boynton Beach Countertop Installers

Most people believe that countertops are all for homes or residential properties. However, considering that commercial ones and spaces require some nice countertops for their kitchens and spaces, too, there is nothing weird about working with commercial countertop installation as well. At Boynton Beach Countertop Installers, our professionals help you through it all and focus on how you can get the required support to get your space all handled and installed. You only need to inform us of your preferences, needs, and what you wish to achieve with the whole installation.

When possible, we will ask you to go through inspections and assessments with us so that we can have a better idea of how much we need to do. Then, work on the design and plan for the installation of your property. In case you are worried about our consultation coming with an expense or fee, don’t be. We have consultations and estimates available for free, and you can schedule them at your convenience and the time you have for the whole project.

Now, what places require commercial countertop installation to the point of hiring us? Well, if you are a hotel, restaurant, or specific commercial space that really needs good countertops, we are confident you will find our help a must. Some other projects, like working with stores, businesses, and specific places, can be added. For instance, we have installed countertops in labs for chemical-resistant surfaces and worked on businesses that want to place products and items.

Everything is valid, and as long as it is more of a commercial space and location, it enters this service and category. Feel free to inquire about it when calling, emailing us, or using our contact form. We will happily address questions and guide you through it all.

What Is Our Process for Commercial Countertop Installation?

In order to deliver quality and durable countertops, we have to work around proper customization and needs. This is why we listen to your goals, what you require, and the way you wish to have the entire installation done.

The spaces and the reasons behind the installation also matter. For instance, working in commercial kitchens isn’t the same as working in bathrooms. Or maybe having our support to work on some stores and businesses. It all truly depends on use, and we want to make sure we offer you a good design and durable installation along the way.

This is why we don’t have a standard project to follow all the time, or more like the process to get the commercial countertop installation done. However, some steps are key so that we have the information and details secured to get the best design and installation done for you.

  1. We will listen to your request, goal, and what you want from the commercial countertop installation. Let us know what space it is for and how we can support you through it all.
  2. Our professionals work on the design and plan to get the installation done and see how doable it is.
  3. We bring the plan or variables depending on what happened: your project is possible the exact way you want it, or you may want to consider some variables and changes.
  4. Once decided, we cut the slabs, bring the equipment and materials and start getting the place prepared for the installation.
  5. Our countertop installers deal with all cleaning and clearing afterward, including debris disposal and removal when needed.
  6. In all this, we take care of permits and inform your neighbors or other businesses if needed.

What’s the Best Option for Commercial Countertop Installation?

When asking this, we assume you are aiming for the stones and materials you can use. If that is the case, we recommend focusing on the use you will give your countertops and work from there.

Kitchens where some extra substances or porosity will be issues, shouldn’t always rely on marble and granite if you want to keep things low-maintenance. In case you want something different and more durable, quartz and porcelain can work better.

Solid surfaces and ultra-compact options are favorites nowadays and work well in most locations and spaces.

You can come to us and have our team provide you with support and recommendations on what stones would be better for your space. In case you are fixed in an option or two, we will let you know how doable it is and if variables or other options are needed.

At Boynton Beach Countertop Installers, we care about you. Therefore, rest assured that we will care about your needs and what has to be done to get the best materials for your commercial countertop installation.