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Silestone Installation, Boynton Beach Countertop Installers

One thing most people forget when they are working around countertop installation is quality. It is good to follow your wishes and preferences around colors and stones used, but not everything is good just because it is said to be marble, granite, quartz, and so on. Even within the industry and different types, you have grades and differences in quality. Not all stones and pieces are doable, and many of them will be the exact stone, but the grade and amount of it used will be poor. In case you are aiming for quartz and looking for high-quality, Silestone installation is the option you should be going for.

Our company, Boynton Beach Countertop Installers, has been working with the brand for over two decades, and something we have noticed around is that the amount of quartz used makes it unique. Over 95% of the pieces made by Cosentino in this brand are made with over 94% of quartz, and the rest are just resins and antibacterial elements to bind the natural stone and elements together.

What makes the slabs so good? The brand itself has a very specific way of manufacturing its pieces. To begin with, Silestone is one of the few surfaces in the market that follows an eco-friendly method. The HybridQ technology is innovative in the industry, and it focuses on using minerals and recycled materials.

This means that besides having quite a high-quality countertop from each slab, you get to have an eco-friendly project controlled and handled. This is one of the best elements you can obtain, as this benefits your kitchen or bathroom directly.

You spend less, get high-quality materials, and can contribute with a technology that keeps things green while also promising fewer expenses around maintenance or repairs, thanks to its functionality and durability.

What Makes Silestone Installation Good for Your Kitchen?

And for your bathroom too.

Focusing on the benefits and elements you can get from it, everything is based on the previous features.

Cosentino uses high-percentage of quartz and minerals, which allows them to create unique pieces that are resistant in every aspect:

  • Stains are not issues as the surface is nonporous, and it won’t have issues with coffee, chemicals, and some liquids like juice or even vinegar and oil. Moreover, you can use it for bathrooms and drop perfume or some beauty products by accident, yet you won’t have to worry about any damage.
  • You have a wide variety of colors. The brand alone offers over 90 different options around Silestone, and you can expect each option to last a long time, regardless of your preference. The brand guarantees durability regardless of the option and tone you choose.
  • Heat resistance is another benefit. However, you may want to consider placing direct hot objects on top of the countertops, such as pans and pots. It will be durable, but it doesn’t offer entire support around heat due to quartz properties.
  • The absolute benefit is around chips and marks, which are not easily achieved in Silestone. This is regardless of the specific piece and design you choose around the brand.

The company offers over a two-decade warranty as well, which comes as a surprise as most companies which to keep it for less. Considering that quartz should last decades, it isn’t that much of a problem but surely a benefit to note.

Our company Boynton Beach Countertop Installers, can help you through the selection process and see what is more beneficial for you. Then work on the proper Silestone installation and make the whole space unique and stunning.

How Much Does Silestone Installation Cost?

You can find a wide variety of costs. Most high-end brands start their prices at $80 per square foot. While this sounds reasonable when it comes to quartz, marble, and granite, it isn’t. It is already on the higher end, and some considerations need to be made around your budget as a result.

Silestone installation and countertops start at $60 and go all the way to double the price. This highly depends on the specific colors and patterns you choose and the quartz and slabs offered.

We recommend going over the samples and options with our team. Then consider the situation and see how we can fit your budget through it all with care and proper installation. We will happily offer our support and ensure there is a good balance around budget, quality, durability, and more.

Feel free to let us know if you have preferences and how we can help you around them.