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Quartzite Installers, Boynton Beach Countertop Installers

When people think about countertops, they are too busy considering marble and granite. While these two stones are at the top in quality and aesthetics, this doesn’t mean they are everything and, sometimes, not even the best and right option for your space. You will notice that other options around resistance, durability, maintenance, and even aesthetics can be better as you work on research and considerations. At Boynton Beach Countertop Installers, we love recommending working with our quartzite installers and consider this amazing stone for your kitchens, bathrooms, or any other spaces where you need the countertops installed.

Most people know about quartz and how many companies, such as Cambria and Caesarstone, offer variety around it. As professionals in the industry, we are more than well-versed and experienced around quartzite and how you can compare it to quartz due to the simple similitude in the names. However, we can assure you that compared to the last, quartzite can offer more durability when properly chosen and installed.

The option has gained popularity over the last decade after homeowners and commercial property owners have noticed the differences in quality and design. Moreover, they get stunning results that are based on durability and longevity, making sure they don’t have to spend more later on.

Quartzite is also a natural option. Unlike popular belief, it is based on natural beauty, and all its properties come without having to rely on engineered pieces or some very elaborate steps. You get a unique and durable countertop without all the processes and expenses from companies when working on the manufacturing and obtention of the countertops and slabs.

Our company knows it all, and we assure you that our quartzite installers will come in handy when you are considering the material or have already decided on it.

What Makes Quartzite Countertops Worth the Investment?

When you are considering options for your space, it is only natural going over the pros and cons. In the case of quartzite, it is a good option to start around the benefits and see how much you get from choosing it over other options.

First, quartzite is heat resistant to the point of having hot pots and pans placed directly on the surface. This is not possible with granite and marble due to their porosity and how they can start a specific level of heat only, making them more prone to stain and damage.

Second, quartzite offers all the quality and reliability without having to perform high maintenance. Granite and marble are durable, but they need to be sealed annually at least. This adds to expenses, and you don’t usually get the most out of your investment with this recurring need for a lifetime.

Third, you have multiple options around designs, colors, patterns, and what you can choose to bring the desired design. Hence, you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics for quality and vice versa.

Fourth, you can expect high durability for the same reasons mentioned before heat resistance and low maintenance. Quartzite may be porous, but the natural stone offers opportunities around scratches, chips, and similar damage. In case it is damaged, it is not that hard to repair.

Finally, you won’t regret adding it to your property. The common issue around stones is that some of them lose value. We need to make sure you have more of a high-quality option and don’t have to worry about how you may lose a sale because of your countertops.

Of course, some cons, such as costs and porosity, don’t usually outshine the way how quartzite countertops perform in your space.

How to Get Started with Our Quartzite Installers

If you are considering quartzite countertops or want to work around the installation right away, feel free to call or email us. At Boynton Beach Countertop Installers, we are one message away, and you can even use our contact form to reach out.

Our quartzite installers have been supporting all homeowners and property owners for over three decades. Therefore, expect proper assistance, a good approach, and support around your needs. We will happily go over the pros and cons of your space around quartzite countertops and how much you get in the overall picture.

With our experience, we also make sure to consider your budget and ensure you don’t spend a fortune on quartzite installation, which is something many companies don’t seem to care about much when working with you on design, planning, and the whole countertop installation.

However, we do care and will get you balance on your project for the best.