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Quartz Installers, Boynton Beach Countertop Installers

Not many people know that out of all the options they can choose for countertops, quartz is one of the best, if not the favorite, among those who care about durability and aesthetics at the same time. At Boynton Beach Countertop Installers, we have qualified quartz installers who can introduce you to the idea of this stone. In case you already decided to work with it and only need help designing and getting the installation done, feel free to let us know. We will consider your situation and see how you can benefit from the material while making the perfect countertops for your space.

But what makes quartz so prominent and such a good idea as countertops? Mostly its durability. Many people have a concept around marble and granite as the most durable and resistant stones for countertops. While they are excellent for longevity and performance, they lack some properties. For instance, they are both porous and, thus, require continuous sealing to remain in good condition. Quartz doesn’t.

Quartz has proven to be harder and more durable as it is non-porous, which helps keep bacteria away and simplifies the entire maintenance process. This also means it doesn’t require continuous sealing, and you can reduce costs for repairs and the regular fact of having the countertops.

Of course, not everything is good about quartz, and just like with other materials and stones, you need to be careful with some elements:

  • Heat damage is likely to happen with direct hot pans or pots that are in excess and not simply warm.
  • Outdoor use is not the best approach for the material.
  • It is quite pricey due to its durability and a variety of designs.
  • Quartz isn’t that easy to install and requires proper planning.

When to Work with Quartz Installers

When you have decided to work around quartz and its installation for your countertops.

This is the basic and general view of when you should work with professionals. After all, quartz isn’t really easy to install, and if you want high-quality and durability, handling the installation carefully will truly matter through this all.

However, if you are wondering around when to choose the material over other options, we always like to mention how this depends.

There are always going to be options with pros and cons, and considering them before making a decision is the key part. You also need to consider whether you can cope with some cons in case you don’t want to give up on the material. For instance, the way quartz is more susceptible to heat and direct touch to pans and pots.

But just like with the cons mentioned before, you get a solid surface that works well in high-traffic areas and won’t stain or scratch easily, thanks to being nonporous and the quartz durability when using high-grade options and stones.

You can expect great durability and performance from the countertops, and if the pros end up being more, you should give it more of a green light than a red one.

In terms of designs and types, you have many colors and patterns for quartz. Depending on the company and brand you use for the quartz, you can access more variety and options around prices that can adapt to your budget.

At Boynton Beach Countertop Installers, we work with top brands such as Cambria, Caesarstone, Silestone, and Radiance. All of them are known for quality and durability, and we have personally used their quartz countertops for years. Hence, don’t worry about performance and stunning designs.

Are Quartz Installers There for Design?

In case you need a full design for your space, you will get it.

Unlike other countertop installers, we consider needs and focus on bringing a complete service to the space and project. Hence, you can expect our professionals to go over your preferences, needs, and inspection and start drafting a design of how the entire countertop can be handled.

We will bring options around the quartz you can use and consider your budget for this. In addition to our worries about the design and all variables that go into it, we will consider uses and how you plan to make this countertop your main surface for some locations and spaces.

Feel free to work on durability and specific approaches with us. You can come up with ideas, inspiration, and any design. We will see how doable it is and work on making it happen. In the worst-case scenario, we bring an alternative that will be as stunning.